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Personalized Cannabis Wellness so you can Function (and Thrive)

Cannabis products have come a long way in the past few decades. Different parts of the plant can be used strategically for different results. We take the guesswork out of the process for you with personalized guidance on the different types of delivery methods, the how to's on finding a quality, safe product and the actual dosing to help support your body's innate natural healing capabilities. Trust in the process and we will guide you to the results you deserve when other methods have failed you.

Imagine What It Would be Like to Have:


  • More energy during the day

  • Increased focus (NOT zoning out)

  • Relief from constant & distracting worry and hopelessness

  • Soothing aches and pains (without all the pills)

  • Reduce inflammation from everyday aches and pains and the aging process

  • An Improved mood for clarity of thinking


If you’ve tried traditional methods without relief, let u help you find your way back to feeling good!



How do I know a hemp product is safe?

Look for the USDA certified organic seal & third-party lab testing.

Is it safe to use different delivery methods together?

Yes, plant compounds work well in synergy.

Can I use CBD if I am taking prescription medications?

Generally speaking cannabis (especially hemp based products) are very safe. They often can be used as part of a wellness regimen as one would use other supplements. We suggest you discuss with your health care provider so they are aware of your interest in adding cannabis supplementation. This will allow them to guide your journey with potential adjustments to your current prescription medications. Part of our coaching services includes guidance in those conversations.


Essential Oils
  • Lacking consistency (skipping doses or only taking on occasion)

  • Poor quality product (the brand you are using has little to no CBD, and/or is not USDA certified organic)

  • Improper dosing and/or dosing schedule (you don’t know how much to take or when to take it)

  • You are using traditional gummies, drinks or other less effective delivery methods

  • You did not stay consistent for a long enough period of time (research shows optimization can take 2-4 months of consistent use. You cannot trial for 30 days and say cannabis/CBD/hemp did not work. It is just not enough time. If you only want to try for 30 days, please do not work with us. We would all be wasting our time and you would be wasting your money)

The ECS and
Cannabis Nursing

In this episode, I explain how I got started in the world of cannabis nursing and I define what you need to know about the endocannabinoid system. 

I reveal the natural ways to improve your "bliss molecule", including yoga, meditation and moderate aerobic activity. Tune in while we talk about why you should invest in your body, the importance of practicing your wellness tools daily and when cannabis nursing will become more mainstream. 

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