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Border Collie

Did you know, all mammals have a system in their bodies to accept and benefit from hemp CBD?


Lucky for you, Holly and Michele come with an astounding amount of experience supporting pets as well as humans. In addition, Michele holds a special certification as a Veterinary Cannabis Guide (VCG). She has been involved with animal rescue work since 2005. Both Michele and Holly began using CBD with their own dogs as well as foster dogs to help ease anxiety and behavior issues, as well as aches and pains of aging. Owners of their animal customers have reported many benefits to using CBD for their pets including relief in recovering from pain and inflammation, regulation of a healthy appetite and sleep cycle, help in maintaining calm and focus and so much more. 


They are always happy to consult with you about pet hemp CBD products as well! 


Scope of practice of a veterniary canabis guide:

- Have a strong understanding of the endocannabinoid system

- Understand your local state laws regarding cannabis products

- Assess products for safety and molecular profile

- Maintain open communication with the client/pet parent

- Refer medical cases to a medical team, as appropriate

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