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Why should you start with Cannabis?

You may have the desire to improve your health but lack the calmness in your central nervous system required to shift your wellness habits. Cannabis (primarily hemp) may help to balance this system and quiet the noise. Hemp does this by naturally supporting mood, focus, and overall presence.


Our clients go from distracted, stressed out individuals to attentive, joyful souls who get stuff done! If this sounds exciting, request your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call today, and be sure to complete our Health Survey - both listed below.



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Left to Right- Kim Krohn, Holly Bidlack, Shannyn Mason, Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh @Wellcome Om Center Spring Hill, FL

We are proud and excited to be partnered with holistic practitioners, across the US. We work diligently to equip our clients with skills necessary to strike a balance between traditional and holistic health modalities.  

As transformational specialists, we believe in prevention and maintenance as a way to thrive rather than just survive. Together we have a community of support and educational tools for growth and healing. We are happy to expand our reach, and are looking to align with other wellness minded individuals with the same mission.

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Stethoscope Over Cardiogram

We see you…on the front lines, taking care of everyone but yourself. We are nurses too and we know what it’s like. Being on your feet all day, working over time and extra shifts, and going the extra mile to provide exceptional care for those who need us.


Health care is extremely demanding - physically and mentally. We often don’t have time to eat well and exercise. Often times we don’t even have time to go to the bathroom!  


We know this because we’ve worked in the hospital setting  for . We were in the prime of our careers, yet forced to cut back our hours due to the pain and exhaustion.  We couldn’t work those long hours like we used to earlier in our careers,,, at least until we found products that changed our lives.


Maybe you are like so many nurses and health care workers out there:


  • You either have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or lacking quality sleep 

  • You have chronic aches and pains (especially feet, back, and neck) that make your work feel impossible most days

  • You feel other symptoms of stress creeping in, such as overwhelming feelings of sadness, overwhelm, or hopelessness,,, feeling trapped and burned out! 


The ultimate struggle is balancing ALL of these things with the knowledge you still have a job to do and patients to serve.


Let us work with you to find the right holistic hemp wellness regimen to get you back on your feet (literally!) to doing the passionate work that you love inside AND OUTSIDE the traditional healthcare setting.

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Banana Leaves
Banana Leaves
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American Cannabis Nurses Association

The ACNA's mission statement is to advance excellence in cannabis nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development. 


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The Green Nurse at Holistic Caring, Inc.

Holistic Caring® is an umbrella of progressive health professionals who provide products and services to support and nourish the endocannabinoid system.

We serve the plant, the people and the planet for hope and inspiration for growth and healing to the patients we serve and the practitioners we work with. We provide Educational Programs & Nurse Coaching Services.


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Cannabis Nurses Network

A global network of registered nurses who include Endocannabinioid System health and implement cannabinoid therapeutics to support patients journeys towards holistic balance. CNN empowers nurses through education, opportunity, recognition and advocacy. 

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