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Meet Our Community

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Full time nurse anesthetist turned full time entrepreneur and hemp wellness advocate, Holly found hope in hemp for her daughter's sensory and emotional troubles. After research and struggle to find a quality, safe product to remain consistent her family was blessed to learn of a transparent company leading with integrity. She and her husband jumped in together for the discount and the rest as they say is history. She runs her hemp wellness business full time and homeschools their youngest of 3. Her most recent and biggest passion is helping others realize their worth. She provides "Belief Coaching" along with cannabis coaching and education and business mentorship! When she is not "slinging CBD" she can be found by the ocean at their beach house in South Carolina.



Michele Morris BSN RN

Doggie rescue advocate, nurse of 25 years and more recently cannabis coach, Michele has worked a lot in her adult life! She was raised with belief that you need to work extremely hard to become successful, often times to the detriment of family life. As often happens with women in general (not just nurses) she found herself the caretaker of many, but never really of herself. Using and sharing hemp has taught her there is more to life than just work and that you can indeed serve others and your God and serve yourself as well. When Michele is not sharing hemp wellness she can be found taking in a foster dog, hunting, or doing yoga on her dock on a private pond in Plymouth, MA. She is a nature lover through and through, so no surprise plant medicine found its way to her!


Hemp Wellness Coach & Educator

Shannyn Mason BSN, RN

Wife, mom, nurse, hemp wellness advocate, and homeschool Momma. After being injured in an accident, she suffered debilitating pain for years. Finding hope in hemp changed her life. Once she broke free from the chains of pain, prescriptions, and the control they had over her life, she never looked back. This hope-filled journey has prompted her to share her story, while igniting a passion to educate others so they may find hope as well!

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Hemp Wellness Advocate

Marilou White, Certified Health Coach

Wife, mother, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Hemp Wellness Advocate, Marilou's passion is to help individuals course correct and manage a healthy lifestyle. This often times takes the form of counseling on whole food and plant nutrition. Although she plays the role of a grocery clerk part time, she also stays busy as "Mimi" to eight beautiful grandchildren. Overall, Marilou's experience in life and in the health and wellness space has allowed her to guide her clients to making lifestyle changes which produce real and lasting results.


Hemp Wellness Advocate & Whole Life Coach

Rena Raggiani

Wife, animal lover, mom of 3 awesome kiddos and 4 grand pups, holistic hemp wellness advocate & life coach. Rena never intended to work as a hemp educator or advocate. After a fusion in her neck led to even more years of debilitating pain, she leaned into a trusted friend's suggestion and found hope in hemp. The products have changed her life, restored her sleep, regulated her nervous & endocrine system. Not only did it help with pain, but she now is able to show up as her best self. Rena realized quickly she had to share & educate others on the power of hemp, a physiological system designed to receive CBD and these life giving products. Debunking the stigma around CBD and hemp is a big task. Advocating for plants & botanicals over prescriptions is an important first step toward true wellness. Fast forward 5 years…..Rena is proud to be sharing for a company advocating for change by growing and manufacturing hemp in the right way. Using their own 6th generation farms. USDA Certified Organic. Fully transparent and traceable from seed to seal. When Rena is not sharing hemp wellness she can be found at the beach, gardening, taking yoga & Pilates classes, enjoying family and getting out in nature.

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Quantum Wellness Coach

Heather Zoller,

Certified Health Coach

With a background as a chemist and educator, Heather's personal health journey took her off the beaten path and ignited a passion for natural health and wellness. It’s inspired her quest to help others break free from the medical treadmill and rediscover their vitality. Certified in both health and cannabis coaching, Heather advocates for a proactive back-to-basics approach, living as naturally as possible. But Heather's not just preaching from the sidelines. She's been deep diving into the less commonly followed paths to thriving.  Hemp wellness has been in her toolbox for a number of years and she fully believes in the power of plants. Her most recent foray has been in the Quantum realm, leveraging bioresonance frequencies to tap into the body's innate healing energy—a cutting-edge approach that's truly transformative. When she's not empowering clients or exploring new frontiers in holistic health, she and her husband can be found tending to their burgeoning homestead.

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Hemp Wellness Coach

Claudia D’Emilia Iafrate,

Holistic Hemp Wellness Advocate and Energy Alchemist

Claudia, a passionate and dedicated holistic practitioner of movement, breath, meditation, sound and light, is committed to guiding individuals on transformative paths of healing and self-discovery. With a nurturing approach rooted in compassion and grace, she facilitates reflective experiences that encourage deep healing and spiritual growth. Through the integration of holistic modalities, which include yoga, meditation, reiki, sound journeys, herbal remedies and flower essences, she creates sacred spaces where individuals can journey inward, reconnect with their inner wisdom, and cultivate greater harmony and balance in their lives. She aims to fill the gaps in your healing journey with tools and techniques that provide support along your healing process, by restoring balance to all levels of being; body, mind and turn making the journey of life more gratifying.

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Holistic Hemp Wellness Advocate & Yoga Instructor

Alisa Gafeney MSN, BSHA, RN, LSN

Has been a nurse for 22 years. Her background consists of Trauma ICU, Nursing Supervision, Nursing Education and currently School Nursing. She is a mom to a 22 year old daughter and a feisty 3 year old pup. She is also a yoga teacher and a wellness coach. Her passion is in standing in the gap between traditional healthcare and optimal wellness. She desires to empower others to create and maintain a lifestyle of optimal wellness by taking charge of their own healthcare through holistic practices such as yoga, breathwork, assisted stretching, meditation and more. Alisa considers cannabis to be yet another tool that she can use to further empower her clients. She is so grateful to be in this space and looking forward to connecting and changing the course of your health together.

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Hemp Wellness Coach & Educator

Jackie Bragga RN

Wife, caregiver and retired nurse of 45 years, Jackie has become a hemp wellness advocate and educator. She enjoys educating as many people as possible, basically anyone who will listen! She has experienced the health benefits personally and has a soft spot for her peers in the local Councils On Aging. When she is not top five in sales within her hemp wellness community, she can be found in a knitting circle or taking in a play or concert at the local theater.

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Cannabis Health Coach & Educator

Rhiannon Stare RN

Wife, mom, nurse and fierce advocate for elders, as well as those struggling with disabilities, mental health and addiction. Working in the field of care management for the last 5 years, she realized the challenges and downfalls of the healthcare system and traditional medicine.  She knew there had to be another way and began educating herself on holistic health alternatives and plant medicine. Since obtaining her cannabis health coach certification she has been sharing this knowledge with her clients, family and friends. She is passionate and excited to further educate her local community, other healthcare professionals and anyone else who is willing and open to learning how cannabis can help. She wants the world to know you do not have to be on endless traditional medications that often cause terrible side effects and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share this knowledge!


Hemp Wellness Advocate & Whole Life Coach

Dawn Dutcher RN

A mother to 3 amazing humans & many dogs, Dawn is also a wife with a strong faith, a pastor, a self described "nature nut," farm girl and beekeeper. She can often be found foraging in the woods for fun. She has been a nurse for nearly 30 years and embodies that caregiver role both inside the hospital and out. The last 10 years, she has grown her passion for natural health and wellness. It guided her toward natural remedies with a variety of modalities from medicinal mushrooms, whole food diets, herbal remedies, Earthing and Grounding to cannabis medicine and energy healing. This quest was originally sparked by years of striving to help her own family to heal naturally, coupled with watching the demise of our preventative medicine system. She knows there is a better way, and there is no value that you can put on maintaining your health now.


Hemp Wellness Advocate & Educator

Lynne McCarthy,

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Wife, mom and "Grammy" Lynne has been in the fitness field for 30 + years. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Lynne services clients 1:1 in her home gym or in their homes. She also provides fitness instruction at local Council on Aging Facilities. She loves being a motivator as well as a guide toward healthier lifestyle choices. Lynne has found an added bonus adding hemp wellness as another tool in her work. As a trusted leader in the wellness industry she is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. When not found educating communities and clients Lynne can be found spending time in Maine and Cape Cod with her family or at the ocean. Her mantra is "Health is Wealth."


Hemp Wellness Coach

Leticia Parris BSN RN CHLC

Founder of Parris Services, Community Educator and Holistic Life Coach

Leticia has been dedicated in working with women in the Central Ohio area on Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Women Empowerment, and Cognitive Behavior Blocks influenced by childhood external conditioning. She is the owner of Parris Coaching & Consulting, Parris Health Training Services, and Nurse Parris Consulting. Leticia is also the leadership member of "Just As I Am" and Ohio Women Against Domestic Violence. In addition, Leticia is excited to layer on her emerging personal experience and journey with hemp wellness as another tool for her clients. In particular she loves having the ability to recommend safe alternatives to healing the body and mind with plant wellness. She coaches on how hemp and other plants have an enormous ability to decrease nervous system "fight or flight" responses. By doing this her clients enjoy a more relaxed and focused experience when participating in any one of the many options for coaching and consulting she provides. For self care, Leticia enjoys reading, nature, spending time with family, and meditation.


Hemp Wellness Coach

Dawn Edmonds, COTA

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Wife, Mom to 2 young adult daughters and 2 rescue pups. Dawn has had 30+ years experience in front line helping professions of early childhood education, behavioral health and occupational therapy. Experiencing firsthand the benefits of plant-based medicine, Dawn knew this was bigger than herself and something she had to share. She thrives on empowering through education, helping others fulfil their roles, occupations and daily routines being better balanced. Collaborating to create hope, value and change in health awareness are among top priorities. She is fueled by authenticity, integrity and community alignment. When at play, you can find Dawn in the pool, at the beach, watching a sporting event or taking satisfaction in a mostly husband planned "get away".

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