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I’m Michele Morris RN, your Cannabis Coach and Educator. I am here to help you and your pets experience life to the fullest again with plant medicine.

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CBD Gave Me My Life Back

For over 25 years, I’ve been taking care of patients in a clinical setting, primarily in preoperative and postoperative surgical care and pain management.  This is ironic, because all of those years on my feet, repetitive bending and lifting for hours on end had taken their toll on my body, including my neck, back and feet.

It was getting so bad that I struggled getting out of the chair from the nursing station. Following each shift climbing the stairs when I got home was agony.  

Now I was the one looking for pain management. But I had seen enough of traditional pharmaceuticals to know that I was open to more natural alternatives. I was introduced to CBD and it has literally changed my life for the better! 


My background in nursing and wellness

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my decades of nursing is that every patient is different. I am here to listen to what’s going on with YOU and help you find the products that you need.  

Now you can get guidance from a registered nurse and cannabis coach to get the individualized attention you deserve!

My years of experience include:


  • Nursing Degree (Bachelor’s of Science from Boston College)

  • Radicle Health and Holistic Caring Certificate and Licensure Program

  • Medical Cannabis Institute

  • Over 25 years working in critical and acute care within the hospital setting

  • Green Nurse Supervisor on the Holistic Caring platform

  • Member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association 

  • Member of the Cannabis Nurses Network



Most cannabis dispensaries are not run by nurses, they are run by business associates.  There is a finite limit to the guidance they can offer you.  I have been managing pain for clients for over 25 years and am here to help you find the right solution.  When you are ready to heal naturally from the inside out, give me a call! 

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